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At Anchorage Legal, we are experienced with the preparation of many different trust documents, including the establishment of Special Disability Trusts, Charitable Trusts, and Discretionary Family Trusts, as well as supplementary documentation (Deeds of Variation, Resignation and Appointment of Trustees, Exclusion of Beneficiaries, etc).

A trust, in essence, exists when the legal owner of an asset is different from the ‘true’ owner (known in law as the ‘beneficial’ owner).  For example, if your friend gives you $10 to mind for them, then you are the trustee of the $10, and your friend is the beneficiary.  This type of trust is a ‘bare’ trust, meaning that your friend could ask for the money back at any time, and you would have to hand it over.  This is the simplest form of trust. 

At Anchorage Legal, we love to work with you to provide the best customised solutions for your objectives when setting up a trust.

Contact us to discuss options of creating trusts and to discuss your estate planning. 

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