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Care Arrangements

The most concerning issue in separating families is the care arrangements for children and how they would cope with the separation.

In all families, parents generally share the responsibility of the children and the big decisions that need to made regarding their care and wellbeing. The same responsibilities are still expected of the parents once they have separated. However, other issues relating to the separation including property settlement and child support can cause tensions to arise between the parents and sometimes the responsibility to ensure that the children’s interests are paramount is forgotten.

Studies have shown that there are huge benefits to children who have meaningful relationships with both parents after separation. It is really important to ensure that the care arrangement for children portrays a stable routine that is clear to them and to the parents of how they will be cared for.

When considering care arrangements for your children, you should consider these issues:

  • Would a shared care arrangement work? 
  • Who is the primary parent?
  • How much contact with the other parent would be in the best interests of the children?
  • What are the children’s views on their care arrangements? (if they are at an age where it is appropriate)
  • Practically, how would this arrangement work?

Although it is rare, there are times when you may feel great concern about the time being spent by the children with the other parent, and we can certainly assist in addressing such concerns that you may have.

Contact Us to discuss the care arrangements for children and how to ensure the best interests of your children are kept paramount.

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