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Family Violence

Family violence is a pattern of behaviour when someone is acting violently towards another member of the family. Usually, it comes from partners not being viewed as equals in the relationship.  The result of this inequality can have devastating affects on the family member and the family.
Family violence affects children when they become witnesses to the violence. This affects their health, well-being and education and can have major long term effects.

Violent and abusive behaviour includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Physical violence;
  2. Sexual violence;
  3. Verbal abuse;
  4. Psychological abuse;
  5. Emotional abuse; and 
  6. Financial abuse.

In Victoria, the meaning of family violence is set out in the Family Violence Protection Act 2008.

Leaving a violent relationship is difficult and you may try to leave many times before finally separating. There are many reasons for this including being financially uncertain, fearing for safety and social isolation. If you are considering leaving a violent relationship, please contact us to have a discussion about what you can do to protect yourself and your children. 

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