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I’ve been served with an Intervention Order – what is it and what do I do?

An Intervention Order (“IVO”) is an order made to protect one person from another person. There are two types of IVOs, being:

  • Family Violence IVO – relating to domestic or family violence, for example between domestic partners or spouses
  • Personal Safety IVO – relating to all other relationships, for example between neighbours  


If you have been served an IVO by the Police, they will take the time to explain the terms to you. These terms will differ depending on the type of Order that has been applied for. It is important to not do anything that is prohibited by this Order and we recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible.


The IVO will also include a hearing date which the matter has been listed for in the Magistrates Court. At this hearing, there are multiple ways to finalise your matter, consenting without admission (meaning you do not accept the allegations but the Order is made in any event) or entering into an Undertaking (a legal “promise” to the court you will not commit family violence).


There is also the option to contest the IVO if you do not agree with the allegations made and do not feel an Order against you is justified. If you intend on contesting, your matter will proceed to the next court event in which you will need to provide evidence to refute the allegations against you.


Although you have the option to represent yourself in IVO matters, we highly recommend obtaining legal representation to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. If you have been served with an IVO, please do not hesitate to contact our Solicitors at Anchorage Legal who can provide you with comprehensive legal advice and outline your options moving forward.

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