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I’m going through a separation. Why do I need a lawyer?

Going through a separation is a long and difficult process and issues surrounding the relationship can be as complex as they are emotionally draining. Initially, when coming to the realization that your relationship has broken down, it is a good idea to discuss with your partner what you both want out of the separation. From this discussion, it is completely within your rights to make an agreement and rely on good faith that you will both abide by it. In some relationships, these types of agreements work very well, however a non-binding agreement like this does not give you any real protection.

By seeking independent legal advice, you can look at creating a binding agreement or Orders that provides you with complete certainty, protects you from any claims made against you and gives you the option for enforcement if your ex-partner defaults under the agreement. Having this legal assurance gives you peace of mind.

 If you are considering finalising your family law matter prior to speaking to a Family Lawyer, consider these questions:

  • Do I have complete trust in my partner that they would abide by our agreement?
  • Am I fully aware of my partner’s financial activities?
  • If my partner did default on our agreement, can I do anything about it?
  • Am I sure that I am receiving what I am entitled to?

If you had to think on any of these questions, remember the risks you could be taking.  It is always better to make informed decisions.

At Anchorage Legal, our family lawyers' purpose is to empower our clients in their unique situation. Not only do our lawyers guide you through the complexities of Family Law, but they strive to give you all the information you need to feel safe, comfortable and ready to take that step towards a secure future.

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