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Most Australians don’t have a valid Will – many don’t want to think about it, and others just don’t get around to it.  Still others take steps to prepare a Will themselves, and end up with a document that is not valid as a Will.

Preparing a Will is a personal conversation, and the document preparation requires a level of expertise that is not guaranteed with a general legal practitioner.  It is important to make sure that you have a lawyer you feel comfortable with, who also understands that preparing a Will is more than just writing down your instructions in a template document.

At Anchorage Legal, our Estate Planning (Will) lawyers practice exclusively in the area of Wills, Probate, and Estate Litigation.  We take the time to find out the details of your circumstances and objectives, and, where relevant, provide you with options and recommendations to best achieve your estate planning goals.  We ensure that, where assets pass outside of the Will (such as jointly owned assets, superannuation, assets held in trusts or private companies), we review the appropriate documentation and advise on any supplementary documents required to achieve your goals.

We are experienced with advising blended families about their estate planning options, and to finding the best fit for you.

We also discuss the particular needs and circumstances of your proposed beneficiaries, to see whether your Will is best kept simple, or whether the inclusion of various types of testamentary trusts (such as life interests, rights of occupation, capital protected trusts, trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries, special disability trusts, or discretionary family trusts) would be beneficial to incorporate into the Will.  There are many different reasons people use more complicated Will structures – for example, they may have a beneficiary who has a disability, or an addiction, or they may see advantages in providing their beneficiaries with asset protection and tax effectiveness over their inheritance.  Anchorage Legal are committed to ensuring that we identify and discuss options that you may wish to consider based on the information you provide us about your beneficiaries and objectives.

As the Mornington Peninsula Wills Lawyers, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible and, although the Wills themselves may use legal language, our lawyers will talk through the documents in ‘plain English’ to ensure that you have a good understanding of what is written, and that it truly is your “Will” being done.

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